Wednesday, 1 July 2009

SONAR 2009

thoroughly enjoyable festival albeit a bit harsh on the pockets; thought it would scour youtube to provide a tasting menu of  a few of the best moments:

In order of amazingabilityness:

1. Sebastian - his first live set, was probably one of the most dramatic dance sets I had ever seen. From the black monolith to the chain-smoking to the hundreds of psycho Sebastian masks to the speeding furious electro, every moment has been permanently etched somewhere in my mind (im still having flashbacks).

2. MULATU ASTATKE & THE HELIOCENTRICS - anyone who has seen the film Broken Flowers starring Bill Murray will know of this bands snake-charm like...erm...charm? They played an awesome set at glastonbury last year, but seeing them at Sonar they were honestly one of the best live bands I had seen in a long long time. This video has terrible sound quality, but gives you an idea of the intensity of their improv.

3. Micachu and the Shapes - unfortunately no videos up, so check this one out to get an idea.

4. Deadmau5 -  polished off the end of Sonar with a europhic set. Not exactly was probs the highlight at the end, and despite claiming to hate all dj's the canadian rodent managed to work in a few mash ups and mixs (including a sneaky little daft punk number)

Late of the Pier played a 20 minute shmeh set and crystal castles had no sound. crookers were better than usual and orbitol were awesome. grace jones is fucking mad and fucked up the schedule. Fever Ray is a shamanic wonder.

Time for Roskilde Festival


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